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Unisex Fragrance

Items 1-12 of 275
As low as €90.90
Eau Capitale_1
Eau Capitale
As low as €147.00
Orphéon Refillable Solid_1
Orphéon Refillable Solid
As low as €51.90
Solid Do Son_1
Solid Do Son
As low as €51.90
As low as €147.00
Colonia Essenza
Colonia Essenza
As low as €91.90
Home 34 Bd Sg
Home 34 Bd Sg
As low as €156.00
Blue Mediterraneo Mandorlo Di Sicilia_1
Blue Mediterraneo Mandorlo Di Sicilia
As low as €105.00
L'ombre Dans L'eau
L'ombre Dans L'eau
As low as €125.00
Mini Candle Ambre
Mini Candle Ambre
As low as €33.90
Grey Candle Feu De Bois
Grey Candle Feu De Bois
As low as €75.90
Thé Vert_1
Thé Vert
As low as €86.40

Discover the best unisex popular perfumes at the airport

Do you love unisex perfumes? If you’re looking for the best unisex fragrances, you will find a refined selection of unisex duty-free perfumes to choose from in the Aelia stores at Fiumicino Airport. Unisex perfumes are the perfect fit for those looking for versatile fragrances suitable for any occasion. At the duty-free shops at Fiumicino, you can find plenty of popular unisex perfumes to choose your favorite fragrance. Whether you are looking for the perfect unisex cologne or simply the best unisex fragrances available, our duty-free shops have what you need.

Also, thanks to our Shop & Fly service, you have the opportunity to order your favorite products online on our website and save 10% on your purchase (cannot be combined with other offers). This way, you can be sure you get your favorite beauty products at affordable prices. We know how important it is to save money when travelling, so at Fiumicino Airport, you can do just that without sacrificing quality.

So if you are looking for high-quality unisex duty-free perfumes, look no further. Take advantage of our online benefits, save money, and pick your products up directly at the airport. There is no better way to start your trip than with a unique, irresistible fragrance. We look forward to your next duty-free shopping experience!

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