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Fine Food

Items 1-12 of 52
7184 Espresso Ground Bold Roasting
7184 Espresso Ground Bold Roasting
Tagliolini Pasta With Squid Ink_1
Tagliolini Pasta With Squid Ink
7577 Whole Beans Classic Roasting_1
7577 Whole Beans Classic Roasting
7182 Espresso Ground Classic Roasting_1
7182 Espresso Ground Classic Roasting
Tierra For Planet Bio-organic_1
Tierra For Planet Bio-organic
Qualita' Oro_1
Qualita' Oro
Linguine Bag_1
Linguine Bag
Pecorino Con pistacchio Verde Di Bronte Dop_1
Pecorino Con pistacchio Verde Di Bronte Dop
Salame Peperoncino_1
Salame Peperoncino
Mezze Maniche Bag_1
Mezze Maniche Bag
Salame Paesano_1
Salame Paesano
Penne Bag_1
Penne Bag

Unique duty-free gastronomic products

In the Aelia Duty Free stores at Fiumicino Airport, a tasty selection of Italian gastronomic products awaits you. Our variety of duty-free groceries offers you the opportunity to discover and take home authentic Italian delicacies.

From the best grocery product to local delicacies, we have carefully selected a wide range of high-quality gastronomic products like Italian cured meats and Italian cheeses. Our selection of gastronomic products is an ideal resource for those who wish to take home an authentic taste of Italy.

With the Shop & Fly service, you can order your favorite duty-free groceries online directly from our website and pick them up at your convenience at the airport prior to your departure, along with a 10% discount. There is no better way to taste Italian excellence and take home a piece of the country’s culinary culture.

Discover our wide selection of Italian gastronomic products, duty-free coffee, Italian cured meats, Italian cheeses, gourmet souvenirs, and more. Take advantage of the duty-free stores at Fiumicino Airport and our Shop & Fly service. Give your palate the extraordinary experience it deserves, with convenience and savings.

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